Will the development of the DBV-Technologies Viaskin patch enable us to bid goodbye to allergies?

Thanks to one company’s efforts, there may be light at the end of the tunnel for sufferers of a number of allergies:see this page to discover why.

The growth in the incidence of allergies has been noticeable in recent years. Fairly prevalent allergies take in both edible substances e.g. peanuts, and non-edible, e.g. house dust mites.

DBV Technologies has been at the forefront of new research in the field in the shape of the Viaskin platform.

The Viaskin platform is a patch which works upon application to the skin. The primary components of the patch include an electrostatically-charged backing and an adhesive crown.

The principle underlying the Viaskin patch isn’t particularly complicated. An electrostatically-charged spray of protein compound (the antigen) is sprayed onto the patch’s backing.Unlike in an injection, the antigens are solubilized and pass directly into the body’s most tolerogenic cells, the Langerhans cells, without entering the bloodstream. This gradually ‘tones down’ the body’s reaction to these antigens.

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