The iPhone 5 cover

Treat yourself every day to a stunning Noreve leather phone cover!

Maybe you’ve got a Blackberry Passport smartphone and you’re fed up with all the pouches and covers that you have to deal with? Why not get yourself a wallet-style leather cover specially designed by Noreve for this device? It’s a design where every effort has gone into making your life easier: your device is well-protected, but the cover is very compact, pleasant to the touch and comes in a sophisticated and discreet shade of grey. It features two credit card pockets, a very convenient magnetic closure, easily accessed key features (headphones port, charging port,  stylus…),and, at the back, a foldable leather stand so you can work on it on a flat surface! Moreover, you can order it in other colours and in the leather finish of your choice. (You can see the full range of options on the Noreve website:

The iPhone 5 cover

iPhone covers and cases…

Are you more of an Apple fan? From the case for the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6 + leather cover, Noreve’s designs for Apple products are just as good! With its inner pocket and two credit card slits, the top clasp version for the iPhone 6 is exceptionally practical!