How the Viaskin® patch works

Could DBV-Technology and its revolutionary Viaskin® patch herald a breakthrough in the treatment of allergies?

The chances are you haven’t yet heard of French company DBV-Technologies. That could be about to change, with the ongoing development of the firm’s revolutionary allergy diagnosis and treatment tool, the Viaskin® patch.

How the Viaskin® patch works
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The patch in cross-section below will give you an idea of how this simple, yet potentially very effective approach actually works. A special condensation chamber works with the body’s natural perspiration mechanisms, keeping the skin moist. This enables a protein compound in powder form to penetrate the skin layer. This compound consists of an antigen, in other words, the substance that triggers the allergic reaction in the patient. Just how much of this protein is contained in the patch can be regulated very exactly, depending on how sensitive the person is to it. By wearing the patch over extended periods of time, the patient can gradually build up a greater degree of tolerance to the antigen. Even better, they can do this without exposing themselves to the risk of anaphylactic shock.

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